Fields of activity

Interdisciplinary, holistic support in special and extraordinary situations

As an operational reserve available at any time, we support companies, organisations and authorities in special and extraordinary situations in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner by means of

  • Risk management
  • Strategy development
  • Business management consulting
  • Legal advice
  • Expertise and services in human resources
  • Fiduciary services
  • Pension and investment consulting
  • PR and communication services

Main fields of activity

Tackling complex challenges in a range of fields of activity

Our ambition is to provide companies, organisations and authorities with holistic and interdisciplinary support in overcoming their individual challenges.

In doing so, we combine many years of proven expertise and skills in the following areas

  • Analysis, planning, leadership and negotiation/mediation
  • Jurisprudence (law)
  • Strategy and corporate capabilities
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting (bookkeeping / taxes)
  • Pensions and insurance
  • Organisational development and process management
  • IT and logistics
  • Real estate and infrastructure management
  • Marketing and communication
  • Training and coaching of managers

We act in a networked manner, ensuring that the various specialist areas work together effectively to provide you with customized solutions.


Holistic skills for special challenges and successful projects

We provide comprehensive support in managing special and extraordinary situations and implementing one-off projects.

We understand that achieving optimal results requires a holistic approach and the ability to work in close coordination between the individual main fields of activity.

That is why we provide you with organically networked analysis, consulting, planning and implementation skills and expertise in all relevant basic areas of activity.

As a general contractor, we ensure that the workforce and resources deployed are coordinated and matched chronologically and geographically.


Reach your goal with a uniform process!

If interdisciplinary, holistic activity by different, interconnected actors is to achieve its goal, even under high time pressure and with limited resources, a uniform, simple approach is required.

We therefore plan and manage consistently using a military-style analysis, planning and management process that has proven itself in countless crisis situations since time immemorial.


The task-oriented approach to staffing and resources

Successfully mastering any challenge requires exactly the right staffing and resources. As much as necessary, as little as possible, so optimal value for money is always guaranteed.

After an initial assessment of the problem by a core team, we deploy the necessary staffing from our pool of skills and expertise in the form of a task force tailored to the mission at hand.

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