K. services

plan K.

Due to continuously increasing interdependencies and the high complexity of their environment, companies, public authorities and organizations can find themselves very quick in a critical situation of existential magnitude. Often, at least for the moment, the cause for the crisis remains obscure. But one thing is for certain: Plan "A" did not work -  Plan "B" did not apply neither! A plan K. is required now!

Based on its long and vast experience in leading and managing in non-permissive environments the team of bureau K. is best suited to support your company / your governmental authority / your organization in most challenging situations. Leading and planning under most difficult and critical circumstances is the core competence of bureau K. 

Taking a leading or consulting role, bureau K. will support your company / public authority / organization in special or critical situations by 

  • executing / supporting a mission analysis and identifying the nessecary immediate measures;
  • developing of potential options /courses of action / solutions;
  • comparing and validating the developed options / courses of action / solutions;
  • supporting the decision making process;
  • providing interim management capabilities during the implementation phase;
  • executing mediations and negociations.


Companies, public authorities and organizations are frequently facing singular and intricate challenges. In most of the cases these challenges will be managed by task forces in the framework of projects. In order to guarantee an effective and efficient execution, these projects do not only require a comprehensive approach and specific know-how but also addtional human resources.

bureau k. offers to your company / public authority / organization substantial know-how and vast experience in the domain of "project management".

According to your requirements, bureau K. is ideally suited to take the project lead or to provide consulting services as required. bureau K. will support your project with an independent and discreet perspective which is tailored to suit the audit.

As an outcome of continually increasing changes and interdependecies companies / public authorities / organizations find themselves in an ever-accelerated succession of new challenges. Subsequently they are forced to systematically and continiuously align their existing capabilities to the ever-changing requirements of the market and/or to new tasks. 

The bureau K. team has at its disposal extensive know-how which is underpinned by vast experience in the domain of corporate capability development.

bureau K. will support you in the assessment of your actual portfolio of capabilities and in analysing the necessity to adopt it and/or to develop new capabilities. During the adoption of existing capabilities and/or the development and implementation of new capabilities bureau K. will support your company / public authority / organization (together with its partners) in a consulting or executive role.

Change offers both - opportunities and risks!

In today's volatile, non-permissive environment, companies / public authorities / organizations / individuals are increasingly confronted the the need of an accurate, systematic and continiuous estimate and analysis of the situation. To be able to analyze and to assess the existing and upcoming risks and threats and subsquently to be able to take the appropriate risk reduction measures is crucial and requires to have the necessary situational awareness at any given moment in time.

bureau K. is your expert with a profound knowledge and a longtime aquired and proved practical know-how in risk analysis & management as well as in threat analysis & assessment.

In accordance to your requirements bureau K. is your consultant and partner to execute a risk and threat analysis & assessment and to implement a risk management concept for your company / public authority / organization as well as or for you as an individual.

Nowadays, change is the only remaining constant. Successful adaptation to change requires the full support and understanding of all leaders and executives within your company / public authority / organization. But in order to provide the required full support und understanding, leaders and executives need to be enabled and qualified first. Therefore: Management training and education is not everything but there is nothing without it!

Based on its vast experience in this domain, training and enabling leaders and executives is one of the core competences of bureau K.

According to your specific requirements bureau K. trains and educates the leaders and executives of your company / public authority / organization by providing tailored training and practical exercises, tutorials and workshops.  Furthermore bureau K. enhances the management capabilities and qualities of selected leaders and executives by providing individual coaching.