K. basics

bureau K.'s mission is the support of its clients to manage complex and time-sensitive issues and tasks.

bureau K. combines Swiss precision, service culture, and attention to detail to generate practical solutions well adapted to your specific situation and needs. Our client base consists of public companies, governmental agencies, organisations, NGOs, and specific individuals.

bureau K.’s problem solving approach, its decision making and actions are rational, systematic, broad, and comprehensive.

bureau K.’s analysis is complete and to the point. Insights gained and conclusions derived are coherent and concise.

bureau K.’s solutions are functional, comprehensive, and just in time. Our solutions are designed to be implemented within existing resource and time constraints. They are sustainable and socially responsible.

bureau K. provides its support and consulting services in an efficient and effective way.

bureau K. sees itself as the high-readiness operational reserve of companies, governmental, and non-governmental organisations.

bureau K. is the trusted advisor helping its clients to manage special circumstances, and to plan and implement special programes over their whole lifecycle (►K. services). Areas of action include the following:


It is us for you, not you for us. We are all ears and at your disposal - with our mind, our heart and all of our senses.

Your challenge is our challenge. Your success is our commitment - your satisfaction our objective.

Your success is your success. We would be pleased to contribute.

We are thinking the impossible. "Thnking out of the box" is our method.

We stand by our word. If we say "A" it is "A" - and we act upon.

Our policy is: Better viable on time than perfect but too late. Feasability and practicability are the benchmarks.